Foster Care in Asian Adoptions

Q: First, I was wondering if you could tell me if there are countries other countries like Korea where that children are cared for in foster homes after birth before adoption. I would love to adopt from Korea, but am concerned with their goal to move away from international adoption. Second, I know in many Asian cultures multi-racial children are not treated well or with the same respect and often face discrimination as adults. Do you know if it is possible to find a agencies that specializes in multi-racial international adoptions?

A: There is no other Asian country that has embraced foster care placement for children awaiting adoption as thoroughly as Korea. Keep in mind that most abandoned children and babies in Korea are not eligible for adoption, and are placed in orphanages rather than foster care (see our blog post on Korean adoption trends here). However, it is true that those children who are in the international adoption program are placed in foster homes.  China also places some children in foster homes, rather than child welfare institutions, especially children with special needs.  Also, the orphanages I am familiar with in Taiwan are relatively small with a good adult to child ratio.  Any agency that works in a country places all children.  They usually do not specialize in one ethnicity or mixed ethnicities.


Image credit: hunxue-er