I usually blog about adoption, infertility or fostering, but this week I want to talk about passion.

what is standing in the way of finding your life's passion

No, not the sexy kind of passion, although that would make a good blog topic if only because it would make my husband and kids cringe. I’ll save that for another week, but today I’m talking about life passion.

I am going to a Discover Your Vision class at church. I love it. It’s one evening for 8 weeks that I’ve set aside to think about the big picture. I don’t know about you, but without having a scheduled time, big picture thinking doesn’t happen in my life. Last week’s session was on finding and following your passion.

Many in our multi-generational class couldn’t identify a passion or couldn’t discern which amongst their many passions they should follow. I think part of the problem is with the word “passion”. It implies something huge, burning, overwhelming. Something so big that there can be only one. And let’s face it, if there is only room for one, you better be darn sure before you pursue it. Talk about paralyzing pressure!

I don’t buy it. I think there is room for more than one passion in our life, and I think they come in different sizes. I know they change with the seasons of your life. From my perspective, the key is to bring things into our lives that energize us and give us pleasure.

Questions to Help You Find Your Passion

Finding your passion in life
What would you do if you were guaranteed not to fail? Find your passion in life! Failure is simply another opportunity to succeed.

Our fearless Visioning Class leader, suggested the following questions to help you find your passion.

  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  • What do you love about yourself?
  • What would you do if had the support of those you love and money was not a concern?
  • What do you dream about doing that you’ve never told anyone?
  • How could you make the world a better place for yourself and others?
  • When you were young, what did you know you would do when you grew up?
  • What would you regret not having done if your life was ending?
  • What topics do you like to discuss, read, explore?
  • What would you do for free?
  • What puts a smile on your face?
  • What do you find easy?

Paralyzing Myths About Finding Your Life Passion

Even after you have an inkling of what you are passionate about, most of us still have a long way to go. What stands in your way from embracing your passion?  Curt Rosengren does a good job of summarizing the myths that stand in our way.

Myth #1 Pursuing your passion is selfish and self – indulgent.

Finding something you love that energizes you is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for those around you. (I think this is a BIG one for woman!)

Myth #2 You have to be realistic.

You can evaluate the challenges and look at ways to overcome the challenges. If you see them as obstacles, you may lose sight of your dream.

Do not let realism suffocate your passion. You can evaluate the challenges and look at ways to overcome the challenges. If you see them as obstacles, you may lose sight of your dream.

Myth #3 Do what you love and the money will follow.

That is actually the abbreviated quote. The real quote is “Do what you love, work really, really hard, be patient, be persistent, be open, work really, really hard some more, and then the money will follow.”

Not quite as catchy, but much more accurate.

Myth #4 I am limited by the rules.

Whose rules?  Don’t allow someone else’s rules or expectations keep you from living out your passion.

The Power of a Schedule

Schedule time for what makes you happy and what gives you energy.

You have to give yourself permission to look for your passion. Drill it into your head that you are not being selfish. Of course, you have to be realistic about balancing your time between your obligations and your desires, but many of us err on the side of “the shoulds”.

Schedule time for what makes you happy and what gives you energy. I really mean it when I say schedule. Put it on the calendar. And by the way, if this means leaving the kids with your husband for an evening or day, do NOT say that he is babysitting— he’s parenting.  It’s good for him and good for the kids.  My kid’s favorite saying is so very true—If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

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First published in 2010; Updated in 2018
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