Should you have only one child? Is it fair to your child? Is it fair to you? Host Dawn Davenport talks with Lauren Sandler, author of One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child and the Joy of Being One.


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  • What are the myths surrounding having only one child?
  • Where did these myths come from?
  • Is there any support in the research for only children being lonely, selfish, or burdened?
  • How can parents of only children deal with “sibling envy”?
  • Is it fair for an only child to have the sole burden of caring for their aging parents?
  • Are there real differences as measured in research between only children and those raised with siblings?
  • Are only children more likely to have only children? Less likely?
  • Is it selfish on the part of parents who choose to have only one?
  • Tips for raising only children.


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Show re-aired in 2017.