acapostcardcollageGreat update and a call to action from the Adoptee Rights Campaign:

“Justin Ki Hong, an adoptee without citizenship, is proud to lead a delegation. He said, “Sharing my story and being part of the effort to pass the Adoptee Citizenship Act helps me believe that something positive can finally come from all of what I went through… I ask you to support the Adoptee Citizenship Act today! [Read Justin’s full story here.]

Together, 6,069 signed postcards collected throughout September will be hand delivered to lawmakers. Family is More Than DNA postcards were signed by American constituents requesting immediate passage for the Adoptee Citizenship Act.

This act will grant citizenship to an estimated 35,000 adoptees who were adopted by US citizen parents as children.”

There is still much work to be done to be sure that these adoptees get the rights and citizenship for which they are fighting. For a list of ways that you can get involved in the efforts, check out this link.