Using Lifebooks to Create Attachment

What is a lifebook and how can adoptive parents use one to promote attachment with their children? Our guest was Carrie Kitze, editor of EMK Press and author and editor of numerous books and articles on the subject of lifebooks.  We talked about how to make a lifebook and how a lifebook can help adopted children.

Hit the Highlights
  • What are adoption lifebooks?
  • Is it enough to wait for our kids to ask questions about adoption?
  • Why do we need to be proactive?
  • When should you start the conversation about adoption?
  • When is the best time to prepare an adoption lifebook?
  • Should lifebooks be written at the toddler level or elementary school level or older?
  • What is the best form for an adoption lifebook?
  • What resources are available to help you write a lifebook?
  • What information absolutely must be included?
  • What is the difference between a lifebook and scrapbook?
  • Where should lifebooks be kept?
  • The difference between secret and private
  • How can parents share difficult information with an adopted child, such as birth parent imprisonment, substance abuse, child abuse or neglect, or rape?
  • How do parents prepare a lifebook when they have very little information about your child’s life pre adoption?
  • Should we share with our child if there are rumors of baby trafficking in the country from where they were adopted?
  • How do parents create a lifebook in an open adoption?

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Image Credit: Wes & Eli