old-mom-w-babyQ:  I am 53 years old and my husband is 55, we have been married for 29 years next month. We have three adopted daughters ages 21, 17, and 10. I still want and have wanted to adopt another baby for a long time, my husband says we’re too old, therefore I am “doing my homework” and collecting as much information as I can. Am I nuts in my thinking? Would my child suffer, with older parents? 

A: The decision of whether to add another child to your family is intensely personal and involves mostly you, your husband, your existing children, and the potential new child. Whether we want to admit it or not, age is more than just a number. On the other hand, our concept of age is not static. I can suggest a few resources to use in helping you make this decision. We wrestled with some of the issues to consider on our Creating a Family radio show on “How old is too Old to Become a Parent“. I have also written a couple of blog posts that may help, especially the one titled “How old Is Too Old to Become a Mom“. One thought to consider: if you adopt an older child, the issues of your age would be less relevant.There are many older kids in the US foster care system and in orphanages around the world that need parents and especially could benefit from your previous parenting experience.


Image credit: jon hayes