Save the Adoption Tax Credit is sounding the alarm with this call to action. The need to respond to to your Congressional representatives is urgent! If you are a regular reader here at Creating a Family, you know that we care deeply about protecting this financial benefit in the tax system that allows so many American families to pursue adoption and eases the financial burden of building their families. Save the Adoption Tax Credit is a national collaboration of organizations and individuals united to support adoption by advocating to save and improve the adoption tax credit. We are proud to be part of the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group.

Congress is moving forward quickly on tax reform, and it is essential that we remind them of the importance of the Adoption Tax Credit. The “Unified Framework” recently agreed upon between the Congressional Majority and President Trump’s Administration proposes to eliminate nearly all tax credits — this means the Adoption Tax Credit is on the table. We need you to take action immediately to urge your Senators and Representative to protect the Adoption Tax Credit!

Join us by acting now to protect America’s families and improve, not remove, this path to family for children.

Head to Save the Adoption Tax Credit’s TAKE ACTION! page to see what steps you can take to make your voice heard and to protect this tax benefit for so many families who rely upon it to build and care for their families well.

Please consider sharing this call to action with those whom you know can join the many voices rising up.

For information on how the Adoption Tax Credit works and how it might benefit you and your family, check out our Adoption Tax Credit Headquarters. It’s full of helpful, practical information that will support you in accessing the credit for 2017.