Birth Mother Panel: What First Moms Want Adoptive Parents to Know

Members of the Ohio Birthparent Support Group will discuss Difficult Dialogues: The Essential Conversations that Prospective Adoptive Parents MUST Have Before, During and After Placement. Listen to our panel of first parents discuss what they wish all current and prospective adoptive parents knew about how birth mothers feel, and what they need in the adoption relationship.

Hit the Highlights
  • What do birth mothers want adoptive parents to know about the time during her pregnancy when she is trying to decide whether to parent or make an adoption plan?
  • What are birth parents considering when pregnant and trying to decide whether to place for adoption?
  • Did the birth mothers on our panel feel like the counseling they received prior to their child’s birth was adequate?
  • What can prospective adoptive parents do during this time period to help prospective birth parents?
  • How can adoptive parents make sure that the adoption agency or adoption attorney they choose has strong counseling for expectant women considering adoption?
  • How to find an adoption attorney or adoption agency that provides good and thorough counseling to birth mothers and birth fathers?
  • What topics should adoptive parents and expectant women make absolutely certain they talk about prior to agreeing to a match?
  • How would the birth mothers like to be recognized or remember on special days such as Mother’s Day, the child’s birthday, or Christmas?
  • How can we work around the awkwardness of visits?
  • Who should initiate contact in an open adoption?
  • What style of communication is best to keep the lines of communication open in an open adoption.
  • Where can adoptive parents get help or support for their child’s birth mother?
  • Did the birth mothers on our panel feel differently about openness before the adoption and after the adoption?

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Image Credit:  JKönig