Birth Mother Panel Answers Questions from Adoptive Parents

A panel of birth mothers talking about adoption from their perspective and answering questions from adoptive parents. What is it like to place a child for adoption? What influenced their decision to choose one couple over another? What can adoptive parents do to make the hospital time post birth a little easier? What type of recognition on Mother’s Day feels best? And much more. Join our panel of four birth mothers to talk about adoption.

Hit the Highlights
  • What term do you prefer “birth mother” or “first mother”?
  • How did friends and family react to your decision to place a child for adoption?
  • Do you tell people you meet that you placed a child for adoption?
  • What do birth mothers look for when choosing a family to adopt their child?
  • What influenced your decision to pick an adoptive family?
  • What do birth mothers appreciate from adoptive parents?
  • What do first mothers wish adoptive families knew?
  • Does open adoption make it easier or harder for birth mothers?
  • Is open adoption the same as co-parenting?
  • How did you decision to make an adoption plan for your child affect your parents and siblings?
  • What is the ideal way for a birth mother/ first mother to celebrate Mother’s Day?
  • How do birth mothers feel about an adoptive mother’s plan to breastfeed the soon to be adopted child?
  • What is the most meaningful gift your child’s adoptive parents have given to you?
  • Any suggestions for an adoptive mom who feels overwhelmed by her son’s birth parents and birth grandparents and extended family.

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Image Credit: sean dreilinger