Beyond Consequences

If you suspect your child has a behavioral disorder such as reactive attachment disorder or oppositional defiant disorder, or if your child acts out and nothing you do seems to help them, a love-based approach to helping children with severe behaviors might be the best approach. Our guest will be Heather Forbes, therapist, adoptive mom, and author of Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control.

Hit the Highlights
  • What is meant by relying on love, not discipline, and what place does discipline have in raising disturbed children?
  • What are fear-based parenting techniques?
  • What is a love-based approach to helping children with severe behavioral problems?
  • How can parents take a break from raising difficult children?
  • How should parents take responsibility for their children’s pre-adoption trauma?
  • Chronological age vs. emotional age
  • What is specific language that parents can use to talk to their children during tantrums?
  • How can parents simplify their children’s world?
  • How should parents handle their children lying?
  • How should parents handle manipulative or controlling behavior?
  • How should parents deal with children who are physically violent?

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Image Credit: Clinus