We are so proud and grateful to be included in this list of the Best Adoption Blogs of 2017! Every year, Healthline.com’s Parenting blog does a review of adoption blogs that “educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information” regarding adoptive parenting. They choose “bloggers who’ve shared those experiences this year with honesty, vulnerability, and the information those within the adoption community seek.”

Take a look around this year’s list. We think you’ll agree that we’re in some pretty impressive company. Many good friends of the Creating a Family organization have been included in this list, and deservedly so. In particular, we offer congratulations to My Real Kid’s Allie Ferguson, Lavender Luz’s Lori Holden, and AdoptiveBlackMom. We so appreciate the great perspectives they bring to our Facebook community as well as to the blog world.

If you aren’t reading the blogs listed in this year’s round-up, you should be.