Becoming a Multicultural Family Through Adoption

When you adopt across cultural and racial lines, your family and extended family is changed forever by becoming a multicultural family. What can you do to make the transition positive for your child and your family? My guests will be Chris Winston, author of A Euro-American on a Korean Tour at a Thai Restaurant in China, president of the Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network (KAAN), and mother of two adult children adopted from Korea; and Judy Stigger, an adoption therapist, Director of Professional Relations for Adoption Learning Partners, and mother of two African American children adopted domestically.

Hit the Highlights
  • Is exposing your child to his birth culture really that important or is this another example of the pendulum having swung too far in one direction.
  • Homeland Visits/Tours: What age is best? Should you go in a group or solo.
  • How hard should you push your child to learn about his birth culture? Should you make her attend language school or culture camp if she doesn’t want to go?
  • Are positive racial stereotypes harmful to our kids?
  • How to find adult friends of your child’s ethnicity and is it worth all the bother?
  • When you adopt a child from Ethiopia (or Haiti, Liberia, etc.) what culture do you prepare him for: African American culture or Ethiopian? Racial identity versuscultural identity?
  • How do you handle perceived prejudice in the Ethiopian community towards African Americans?
  • How do you become a multicultural family when you adopt children domestically and from several different countries?
  • How do we help our children understand and cope with racism?

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