Can older parents adopt an infant?

Q: How important is the adoptive parent’s age when expectant women are choosing an adoptive parent? If we are over the age of 40 to 45 should we even try to adopt?

A: According to Lark Cooper, Intake Coordinator for Children’s Connections, Inc., “your age would not be a major issue. Many pre-adoptive families contact us in their 40’s even in their 50’s.”

While that is definitely true, at Creating a Family we see families where one parent is over 45, especially if that parent is the mother, wait longer to be matched with a prospective birthmother. As Lark says, there are very few things that automatically eliminate you from adopting. Listen to the Creating a Family show on What Expectant Women Look for When Choosing Adoptive Parents and our blog on the same topic.

Image credit: Harbor Life