Antidepressant & International Adoption

Q: I have seen a number of countries that will not allow parents to adopt if they are on antidepressants. Does that mean currently on antidepressants or if they have ever taken them? I have struggled with postpartum depression after having two of my children and took an anti-depressant for a short while each time afterward to get back on top. Since having my son, we have decided to be done having biological children and would like to adopt in the future. Will my bouts of postpartum depression and my use of antidepressants to get through them keep us from looking at certain countries?

A: Each country has different requirements on what they want in a prospective adoptive parent for children from their country. A few countries restrict parents who are currently on anti-depressants and a few specify the number of years they would like parents to be off antidepressants before adopting. Many more countries have no specific requirement at all and address the issue on a case by case basis depending on what your doctor says about how your depression might interfere with your ability to parent. You should have no problem finding a country that will readily accept the short term use of antidepressants in the past. To learn more about each countries requirements for adoptive parents, check out the Creating a Family Adoption Comparison Charts.


Image credit: Divine Harvester