Ain’t Got Time for That – The Cr_p of Adoption & Infertility

Dawn Davenport


Aint-Nobody-nosyI suspect you’ve heard the remix song Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That. It’s become a viral sensation, with more than 1 million views on YouTube within the first 48 hours. I know why it went viral since its catchy phrasing and beat have been stuck in both my head and conversation for the last several weeks. It’s amazing how many ways you can work the phrase “ain’t nobody got time for that” into your conversation, much to the annoyance of your family and friends. I thought we could have some fun thinking of all the things about infertility and adoption we ain’t got time for. I’ve gotten us started, but let’s have some fun and add your own.

First, if you haven’t heard the song, check this out. I’ve included the story behind the remix and what’s happened since it went viral below. I really like this spunky lady.




Infertility Cr_p Ain’t Nobody Got Time For

Ain't Got Time For That - Questions About Adoption

  • Relatives asking why we don’t have children.
  • People reminding us that our fertility won’t last forever and that our biological clock is ticking. (As if we didn’t know!?!)
  • Infertility clinics that aren’t open before work hours.
  • Scheduling sapping the romance out of love making.



International Adoption Cr_p Ain’t Nobody Got Time For

Ain't Got Time For That - Questions About Adoption

  • Countries changing adoption rules while we’re in the midst of an adoption.
  • Waiting over 3 years for a referral.
  • Country and adoption agency rules that have little to do with our ability to be a great parent.
  • Expiring paperwork.



Domestic Infant Adoption Cr_p Ain’t Nobody Got Time For

Ain't Got Time For That - Questions About Adoption

  • That feeling of selling yourself to expectant parents and agencies.
  • Creating an Adoptive Parent Profile when you are creatively challenged.
  • Not knowing how long the process could take.
  • Adoption fraud.


Transracial Adoption Cr_p Ain’t Nobody Got Time For

  • Nosy questions asked in front of our kids.
  • Stares at our family like we are aliens when we go to a restaurant.
  • People expecting our Asian kids to be brilliant.
  • People expecting our brown kids to not be brilliant.


Foster Care Adoption Cr_p Ain’t Nobody Got Time For

Image Credit

  • Not getting a match even though we’re told there is a HUGE need.
  • Overworked social workers.
  • Not being listened to even though we are the ones living with the child.
  • Silly regulations that have little to do with good parenting.

The Story Behind the Meme

On April 7th, 2012, a fire broke out at an Oklahoma City apartment complex. No one was seriously hurt, but five units were damaged. The local TV station interviewed one of the displaced residents, Sweet Brown, a pseudonym used by Kimberly Wilkins. During the interview, she stated that she had woken up to get a “cold pop” when she thought someone was barbequing before she realized there was a fire. Brown then proceeded to run out of the apartment without shoes. In describing the heavy presence of smoke from the fire and her bronchitis, she said the infamous “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Earlier this month, (March 9th, 2013) Wilkins filed a federal copyright infringement lawsuit requesting compensation of $15 million against Apple and several others for unauthorized use of her likeness for commercial purposes (i.e. selling the song remix of her interview in the iTunes store). She has also become a celebrity spokesperson. See the video below. I hope she’s flashing that great smile all the way to the bank.


Image credits: Meme

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16 Responses to Ain’t Got Time for That – The Cr_p of Adoption & Infertility

  1. Doesn’t anyone have a suggestion of what they ain’t got time for?? Surely something in adoption or infertility feels like something you don’t want to have to deal with?

  2. Avatar Vickie Ochalek Smith says:

    After finding out by my doctor that I had a rare uterine cancer at an very early age “You’ll probably be on Oprah” Definately ain’t got no time for that! (btw I don’t see that doctor anymore)

  3. Avatar Angela says:

    This sounds harsh, but some days I feel this way, “Ain’t got time to hear about your infertility issues when you have given birth to 4 kids and I have given birth to zero!” I know they feel like they have founds someone that can relate, but come on! Be grateful for the 4 that you have!

  4. Avatar Vera says:

    Dina that is a good response!!

  5. Avatar Dina says:

    Vera UGH! I heard that after both adoptions. Funny thing was 2 months before our last adoption I had a hysterectomy. my response was only if there are 3 wisemen in the backyard bearing gifts!!

  6. Avatar Joanna says:

    meant to type “Plural form of y’all” 🙂

  7. Avatar Leilani says:

    Joanna Madine LMAO!!

  8. Avatar Joanna says:

    When trying to conceive or after loss….”Ain’t no body got time for all y’all’s baby showers!” (Yes I did just use the plural for of y’all) 😉

  9. Avatar Vera says:

    people telling me that they just know I will get pregnant after I adopt

  10. Avatar Carla says:

    Joanna Madine.. I know just how u feel.. we have everthing done and just done our fingerprints now they are telling us it will be (was 6 wks) now 5 wks

  11. Avatar Dawn Davenport says:

    Joanna, definitely ain’t got time for any old expiring paperwork!

  12. Avatar Dawn Davenport says:

    Katherine, oh wow–just think of it as a late period?!? Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

  13. Avatar KBR says:

    Not to be crass, but sometimes the only appropriate answer is “fuck you.”

  14. Avatar KBR says:

    Also, after a miscarriage, ain’t nobody got time to hear advice like “just think of it as a late period.”

  15. Avatar KBR says:

    People’s “helpful” advice/comments about dealing with infertility: “Bet you’re having fun trying!” “Oh, just relax, it’ll happen” “Wish I could give you my kids, they’re monsters!”

  16. Avatar Joanna says:

    Ain’t got time to be Re-fingerprinted. Fingerprints don’t expire!

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