You may have heard by now, but the grassroots efforts to preserve the Adoption Tax Credit from elimination in the current tax reform battle was successful for now. There’s much work to be done still, as Adoption Tax Credit Working Group is determined to re-establish the tax credit as fully refundable.

Right now, however, Save the Adoption Tax Credit is asking you to please contact your representatives and thank them for their responsiveness to the efforts to preserve the credit.

Here’s an excerpt from last week’s exciting announcement by Save The Adoption Tax Credit:

We are deeply appreciative that the House Committee on Ways and Means has reversed its proposed elimination of the adoption tax credit and has taken a step to support American families by retaining the adoption tax credit as part of H.R. 1, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Additionally, we are pleased the Senate Republican’s proposal has also retained this important tax credit.

You can go to Save the Adoption Tax Credit’s Take Action! page and re-work the template that is posted to reflect your thoughts of gratitude. It’s really easy and pulls your representatives up for you when you enter your information.