Congress is considering massive tax reform measures and as many of you already know, the Adoption Tax Credit (ATC) is vulnerable and may be eliminated as part of those reforms. We need your help to save it! Join us as we work to keep pressure on Congress to save the credit that makes it possible for all families to adopt.

The Adoption Tax Credit Working Group will be holding meetings in the next two weeks to talk to Members of Congress in person about the tax credit. Help the efforts by sharing your story and creating a surround sound of voices defending the credit.

Now is the time for you to tell your story, and let your legislators know what the Adoption Tax Credit has meant for you and your family. Your voice matters – legislators will only #SaveTheATC if they understand the real-world impact and feel that their constituents support it.

Please head to Save The Adoption Tax Credit’s “Take Action” page and learn what steps you can take to make your voice heard. There are sample scripts and emails to use as your templates. There’s also a great video project underway to bring the real faces and families of adoption to the attention of our representatives.