Transracial Adoptees Teach Us About Adoption

What do transracial adoptees think about being adopted by parents of a different race? Join us for a panel of transracial adoptees talking about all things adoption.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Transracial adoption includes white parents of black, biracial, Asian, and Latinx children, as well as adoptive parents of color adopting white children. 
  • Tell us your adoption story.
  • How did your parents treat adoption? How did and does that make you feel about being adopted?
  • When did you realize that you were a different race from your parents?
  • How did your parents treat race, specifically your race, when you were young?
  • What is wrong with taking a color-blind approach to transracial adoption? 
  • Was it a struggle for you to identify as an adult of your race?
  • What did your parent do to aid your racial identity formation? 
  • Transracially adopted children need tools to maneuver through life as a member of their racial group. When they are young, they are protected from this reality, but this changes as they enter adolescence. What tools did your parents use and what tools did you need?
  • How can transracially adopted people or their parents find mentors and role models of color?
  • Were you ever embarrassed by being of a different race than your parents?
  • Importance of finding a community of other adopted people.
  • What is the most important thing, if any, your parent did to ensure/instill racial identity and pride as Caucasian parents who adopt a Black or Asian or Latina child?
  • Tips for parents either considering transracial adoption or already in the midst of parenting transracially adopted kids.

Home Is Where – guest article by Rosey Jones

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