Picky Eating and Other Food Issues

Have mealtimes become a battleground in your house, is your child a picky eater, or do you have a child who eats too much? We provide lots of tips in our conversations with Dr. Katja Rowell, a family doctor and author of Love Me, Feed Me, 2nd edition, and Helping Your Child with Extreme Picky Eating. She has a special interest in supporting foster and adoptive parents.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What are some of the typical food issues for adopted or foster kids, especially those who have experienced trauma?
  • How does trauma impact feeding?
  • Responsive eating leaves space to recognize what the body needs.
  • What do you mean by felt safety and focusing on connection?
  • What is a responsive and flexible framework for feeding kids with brain-based differences?
  • How to best deal with kids who are significantly underweight.
  • How to best handle extreme pickiness.
  • How to handle children who are eating too much, emotional eaters, or who are overweight.
  • Why do kids from foster care or institutional settings often become larger than optimal for their health?
  • Practical tips for establishing healthy eating patterns in adopted or foster kids
    • modified family style serving
    • supporting nutrition
    • sensory support at mealtimes
    • food “exposure” therapy

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