transracial adoptees

What is it like to be raised by parents of a different race. What can parents do to help their transracially adopted children. We talk with 4 young adults that were transracially adopted by white parents. Katie, adopted from China as an infant. Nathan, who is biracial (black/white), adopted as a newborn in a domestic open adoption. Angie, a black Haitian American, adopted domestically. Jack, adopted as an infant from Vietnam.

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Hit the Highlights
  • Was it hard for you to be a different race from your parents?
  • Did you face any issues growing up that you think had to do with either your race or that you were a different race than your parents?
  • Did you have siblings that were also transracial adoptees and do you think that made it easier for you?
  • We think a lot now about racial identity and how that impacts transracial adoptees. How would you describe your comfort with your racial identity now?
  • We hear from some transracial adoptees that they are sometimes perceived as not being black enough or Chinese enough or Vietnamese enough by members of their racial community. Have you experienced this?
  • We encourage parents to live in a diverse community and to expose their children to their birth culture and racial role models. Did your parents do this and was it helpful? If they didn’t do this, do you think it hurt you?
  • What did your parents do that helped you as a transracial adopted person?
  • What did your parents do or not do that didn’t help?
  • Is it harder for transracial adopted males?
  • Tips for Adoptive Parents Considering Transracial Adoption


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