Introduction to Domestic Infant Adoption

Are you considering adopting a baby? Join us today to learn more. Our guests will be Karlee Wagner, a Program Supervisor for Infant Adoption and Birth Parent/Pregnancy Services at Children’s Home and LSS in Minnesota (CH/LSS); Erin Quick, the Founder and CEO of PairTree, an organization dedicated to helping families navigate private adoption in the healthiest way possible and mom of two through adoption; and Courtney Lott, the owner and founder of Faithful Adoption Consultants, a consulting service that seeks to walk adoptive families through the adoption process from beginning to end. She is a mom to eight children: six through adoption and two biologically.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How many domestic private infant adoptions happen in the US each year?
  • Average cost of adopting a baby in the US. 
  • Average length of time prospective parents wait for an adoption match.
  • What is the domestic infant adoption process at your agency or organization?
  • How does the process differ when using an adoption attorney rather than an adoption agency?
  • How do domestic infant adoptions today differ from how many people think about adoptions?
  • What type of expectant mom considers adoption for their child?
  • How many adoptive parent profiles are usually shown to an expectant mom?
  • What do you see that expectant moms or couples look for when choosing adoptive parents?
  • Is it harder for single women to be selected by expectant moms or couples?
  • Is it harder for same-sex couples or singles to be selected by expectant moms or couples?
  • After an expectant mother or couple chooses an adoptive family, what is the next step?
  • What type of counseling is available for expectant parents both before and after the adoption is finalized?
  • What are the ways that different adoption agencies and attorneys handle birth parent expenses?
  • How early in the pregnancy do adoption agencies and adoption attorneys match expectant moms with adoptive families?
  • What does open adoption look like?
  • What percentage of domestic infant adoptions in the US are open?
  • What are some typical “special needs” that prospective adoptive parents may be faced with in matches? What situations are the hardest for adoptive parents to decide about?
  • How much information will adoptive parents have in deciding whether they should accept a match?
  • What factors influence the cost of adoption? 
  • What factors influence how long families wait for an adoption match?
  • What’s your best advice if someone has applied to adopt an infant and is not getting selected by an expectant mom?
  • Failed Adoption Matches: How Common? How Costly? How to Survive

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