Adoptive Parent Profile

How to create a successful adoptive parent profile that will appeal to expectant moms making a decision on whether to place their baby for adoption? What to include and what to avoid? What type of pictures to include and how many? What do expectant women or couples want to see? Our guest expert is an adoptee, an adoptive mom, and the author of How to Create a Successful Adoption Portfolio: Easy Steps to Help You Produce the Best Adoption Profile and Prospective Birthparent Letter. She is the owner of Our Journey to You, a company dedicated to designing adoption portfolios and adoption profiles.

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Hit the Highlights
  • What are adoption profiles?
  • When are they required and are they always required?
  • Each agency or attorney has their own preference.
  • What are the different ways that agencies use profiles?
  • How much information from the home study is included?
  • How many profiles is an expectant mother or couple given to look at?
  • What is the experience like for an expectant mom or couple to go through profiles?
  • Does each adoption agency or adoption attorney have different info they want you to share?
  • What are the elements of a “good” profile?
  • What should be on your cover?
  • What do expectant moms want to know about?
  •  Should you discuss your thoughts on openness?
  • What sections/topics should you include?
  • Should you include an introductory letter?
  • Is a closing important?
  • How many pictures should you include in an adoptive parent profile?
  • Importance of captions
  • Should you include a video if your adoption portfolio is digital?
  • What type of pictures should you avoid?
  • How to handle pictures of other children? Pets? Motorcycles?
  • How do you show your family support when you do not have a close family because of death or estrangement?
  • What is your house or apartment does not look good or does not photograph well? Should you focus on outdoor shots?
  • What format should you use: hardback book, booklet, online, stapled together?
  • How many copies should you print?
  • How important is the adoptive parent portfolio in the expectant parent’s decision making?

Image credit: Dominika Roseclay 

Music credit: Michael Ashworth