GQ Magazine posted an article title “The Middlebrow 50: The People, Places, and Things That Are Neither High Nor Low” and placed adoption as #45 on the list. Middle brow is defined as “mild and inoffensive and more about pretense than progress”.  The following narrative accompanied adoption:

“There’s nothing offensive about wanting to create a better world for a child. It’s also not as noble as it seems. Ultimately, adoption, like all forms of parentage, is about narcissism. Stop being a human hoarder.”


I am posting this as a blog because a couple of people asked me about this article, but they didn’t want to support the magazine by clicking on the site, but wanted to see what it was about.  This allows me to post a screen shot of the page.

What does this even mean?

I’m not exactly sure I understand the premise. I think what he is saying is that adoption has become a status symbol that people do in the same way as driving the latest car or buying the most fashionable purse.  It’s kind of weird that it was posted on the same day I posted a blog on a similar topic –  Is Domestic Adoption the Latest Hollywood Trend? OK folks, what do you think?

For my part, I think there is a huge myth that anyone would go through the rigors of adopting a child as a way of being perceived as hip or holy or anything other than being perceived as a mom or dad.  What do you think?

For those that want to see the rest of the list and don’t mind giving GQ the website hit, you can find it at

Image credit: GQ website