Adoption Grants and Loans

Adoption is a great way to build your family, but it is not always affordable. Adoption grants and loans are available. How and where should you apply for grants to fund your adoption, and what are the pitfalls? Our guests to talk about adoption grants are Cherri Walrod, Founder and Executive Director of Resources 4 Adoption; and Cathleen Miller, Director of Finance & Operations at Brittany’s Hope.

Hit the Highlights
  • Summary of ways to afford adoption: grants, loans, fundraisers, cutting way back on expenses, etc.
  • What is the best way to find adoption grants?
  • How much funding is usually available through grants?
  • What are the typical criteria for applying?
  • Full amount of adoption costs or only partial?
  • Tips for applying for adoption grants and loans.
  • Typical mistakes people make when applying for adoption grants.
  • Potential adoption grant scams or frauds.
  • Is it possible to get grants to pay of adoption loans after the adoption was finalized?
  • Do most adoption grants require a religious affiliation?
  • When a grant is only applicable for special needs adoptions, who determines what is considered a special need?
  • How are grants paid out? Who receives the money?
  • Are grants available for domestic adoptions?
  • What type of Loans are available to fund an adoption?
  • What should you look for when considering loans?
  • Are adoption loans available if you have a poor credit rating?
  • Are home equity loans advisable to fund an adoption?
  • How to avoid predatory lenders.