Adoption Disruptions and Adoption Dissolutions

Adoption is forever — except when it’s not. How do you prevent adoption disruptions and dissolutions and how do you know when to accept one? What happens when an adoption does not work out? This course features a frank discussion with Dr. Ronald S. Federici, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Director of the Neuropsychological and Family Therapy Associates in Virginia and father to seven internationally adopted children.

Hit the Highlights
  • What is an adoption disruption?
  • What is an adoption dissolution?
  • How do adoption disruptions and adoption dissolutions differ from a legal standpoint?
  • How common are adoption disruptions?
  • How common are adoption dissolutions?
  • Are adoption dissolutions and disruptions increasing?
  • What type of families or couples are more likely to disrupt or dissolve an adoption?
  • What type of children are more likely to have an adoption disrupt or an adoption dissolve?
  • How can prospective adoptive parents make sure they get all the information that is available on the child before both foster care adoptions and international adoptions?
  • How hard should prospective adoptive parents push for more information on the child they have been referred or are considering adopting?
  • Discussion of the problem of separating the placing adoption agency and the homestudy adoption agency that prepares the homestudy, educates the parents pre-adoption, and offers post adoption services.
  • What type of adoption education should adoptive parents have pre-adoption?
  • How can adoptive parents find this education if it isn’t provided by their adoption agency?
  • What type of post adoption services should adoptive families receive to help them prevent adoption disruptions or adoption dissolutions?
  • Can adoptive families that have adopted internationally use state or county services provided by the State Department of Social Services?
  • How do you disrupt a potential adoption?
  • How do you dissolve an adoption?
  • What steps should adoptive families take to dissolve an adoption?
  • What steps should adoptive families take before deciding to dissolve an adoption?
  • Who is responsible for finding another adoptive family for the child if the adoption dissolves?
  • Will the first adoptive family have to pay child support until another family is found?
  • Where can families looking to adopt a child from a disrupted or dissolved adoption find information on children available?

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Image Credit: Oscar Shen