Adopting Without Going into Debt

Adoption can be expensive.  So expensive, in fact, that some people believe they can’t afford to adopt. Join us today to find out how to afford adoption. We’ll talk about saving money, budgeting, adoption grants, adoption loans, and adoption fundraisers.  Our guests are Becky Fawcett, Executive Director of Help Us Adopt and blogger in chief at An Infertile Blonde; Julie Gumm, author of Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption; and Cherri Walrod, Director of Resources 4 Adoption.

Hit the Highlights
  • “You should start with the money you already have.”
  • Importance of a budget
  • One of the top areas to look at when trying to trim costs and add that money to your adoption savings is eating out.  Most often eating out is spontaneous because you don’t feel like fixing dinner.  What are some ways to prevent that last ditch “oh what the heck, let’s order pizza” How much can you save by reducing the number of times you eat out?
  • How do you save money on groceries?
  • Can you save a lot on groceries by joining the warehouse stores like Sam’s and Costco? Is it worth the joining fee?
  • Advantages of paying cash for almost everything.
  • Taking on an extra part time job, maybe providing child care for another child if you’re a stay at home mom or taking on another par time consulting job to raise money for an adoption.
  • Should you fundraise for adoption?
  • In general, what type of fundraisers seem to raise the most money.
  • Are direct sales a particularly effective method for raising money?
  • Grants: There are direct grants and matching grants for adopting a child. What is the difference?
  • Are adoption grants available to families that already have children?
  • Are adoption grants available for all types of adoption?
  • How do you know if an adoption grant is legitimate or just a scam to get you to pay an application fee?
  • When in the process should people apply for a grant?  Do all grants require applicants to already have their homestudy?
  • What are the criteria for people wanting a grant. How do you choose who receives a grant?
  • Who are the grants paid to? The adoptive parent or the service provider?
  • What about grants to cover travel costs?
  • Should you directly ask family and friends to contribute towards your adoption?
  • What are adoption loans?
  • What type of interest rates are available for an unsecured adoption loan?
  • Are there special low interest adoption loans?
  • What are the red flags to look for an unscrupulous adoption loan?

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Show re-aired in 2019.