Adopting US Children While Living Abroad

How do US families living abroad adopt a baby from the US or adopt internationally while living outside of this country. Is it possible for non-US citizens to adopt a child from America?  Join our guest adoption attorneys Jim Thompson, with offices in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and Irene Steffas with offices in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hit the Highlights
  • How can American citizens living abroad adopt a baby from the US domestically?
  • How can US citizens adopt a child internationally?
  • If it is a US citizen living abroad adopting a US child, would they need to meet the requirements of the Hague Treaty for Intercountry adoption?
  • Are American birth mothers less likely to choose an American adoptive family living abroad?
  • How do you finalize the adoption in the US if you don’t have a US address?
  • How do you complete a home study if you are living abroad?
  • Are the adoption rules any different if you are stationed abroad with the US military?
  • Does the Hague Treaty allow foreigners to adopt US children?
  • How many American children are being placed for adoption with families in another country?
  • If the Hague Treaty requires that the adoptive parent and birth parent have no contact, how do you do an open adoption?
  • Do American birth mothers often choose adoptive families that are citizens of another country?
  • How is the payment of birth mother expenses handles if the Hague Treaty must apply to an adoption since the Hague Treaty prohibits birthmother payments?
  • What type of travel documents are necessary to get a child born in the US into another country where his adoptive family lives?
  • Can a non US citizen living in the US adopt a child in her home country and bring the child back to the US to live?
  • Does it matter if the non-American citizen is in the process of getting a Green Card?
  • Can a foreign national living in the US adopt a child born in the US?