Adopting Through an Adoption Lawyer

 What is the adoption process in the US when adopting a baby through an adoption attorney? How do you find an adoption attorney? Who finds the prospective birth mothers? What questions should you ask before hiring? Host Dawn Davenport interviewed four leading adoption attorneys Colleen Quinn, Steve Kirsch, Jim Thompson, and Michael Goldstein.

Hit the Highlights
  • What is the adoption process for adopting a baby through an adoption attorney?
  • When adopting with an attorney, who finds the expectant mother who is considering adoption?
  • How to find an attorney that specializes in adoption.
  • What questions should you ask when choosing an adoption lawyer?
  • What services do adoption attorneys typically provide to birth mothers pre- and post-adoption?
  • What types of adoption education are usually provided by adoption attorneys?
  • What is an adoption facilitator?
  • Is it legal to use an adoption facilitator to find a prospective birthmother?
  • Must a birth mother or birth father have a separate lawyer for the adoption?
  • Do you hire an attorney in the state where the adoptive parents live or where the birth mother lives and the baby will be born?
  • What are the advantages to using an adoption lawyer over an adoption agency?

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Image Credit: Peter Werkman