Adopting the Waiting Child

How do you find children in need of homes, what resources are available to help, what is meant by a child with “special needs”, and how do you know if it is the right choice for your family? Martha Osborne, founder of and The Voice of Adoption Newsletter, and Merrily Ripley, adoptive mom and founder of Adoption Advocates International, talk about adopting a special needs child.

Hit the Highlights
  • How do you find children with specific disabilities?
  • What is meant by “special needs”?
  • Are older children considered special needs?
  • Are sibling groups considered special needs?
  • How do different countries place children with special needs?
  • How do you find an adoption agency that deals with waiting children?
  • Is it possible to adopt an HIV+ child?
  • What is photolisting, and what is the controversy surrounding it?
  • Can parents pick the special needs they are willing to accept?
  • How can parents adapt bonding techniques for special needs children?
  • How do you know if you are cut out for special needs adoption?
  • How much information do perspective parents get about waiting children?
  • What type of children are the most difficult to place?
  • Adopting a sexually abused child
  • How can parents find foster care children to adopt?
  • Is it possible to adopt a non-special needs child from the US foster care system?
  • How common are children with Hepatitis B?
  • Are attachment issues considered a special need?
  • Are short waits for special needs children leading to families adopting children they are not equipped to raise?

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