Adopting from Russia Under the New Bilateral Agreement

In July 2011, Russia and the US signed a new bilateral agreement to govern international adoptions between the two countries.  How is it working, what age children are available and how healthy are they?  Join Debbie Wynne, Director of Buckner Adoption and Maternity Services; Denise Hoppenhauer, international case manager for Beacon House Adoptions, and Tiffany Wilkins, a mom who recently adopted two older children from Russia, to talk about Russian adoptions.

Hit the Highlights
  • How does new bilateral agreement in July, 2011 between Russia and the US change the way international adoptions will be handled between the two countries?
  • How many orphans are in Russia?
  • Were adoptions from Russia to the US ever closed down? Was there a moratorium?
  • What is the process to adopt from Russia?
  • One of the big issues for many people is the health of the children—specifically fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.  How common is FASD and what can we do to reduce the chances of adopting a child with FASD?
  • How do families balance the fear of FASD and attachment issues when adopting from Russia?
  • How much information on maternal drinking is found in the medical reports that accompany adoption referrals from Russia?
  • Is possible for adoptive parents to hire a pediatrician in Russia to examine the child that they have been referred?
  • What age children are available for adoption from Russia?
  • Do agencies work in different regions within Russia?
  • Does the process and adoptive parent requirements differ by region?
  • How long is the wait for adopting a child from Russia.  What factors affect the wait?
  • How much does it cost to adopt from Russia.  What is the total cost of a Russian adoption, including travel costs.
  • How many post adoption reports are due and who prepares them?
  • Is foster care available for Russian orphans?  Are these children available for international adoption?
  • What type of cultural differences should you expect from older children adopted from Russia?
  • Are attachment issues more common with children adopted from Russia?

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Image Credit: Nataraj Metz