Adopting from Foster Care

What is the process for adopting from foster care? How long does it take, do you have to foster first, can you adopt a child from another state, should you work with a private or public agency? Join our guests Jennifer Deazvedo, waiting child adoption coordinator for Children’s Connection Inc.; Dr. Dixie Davis, Executive Director of The Adoption Exchange and the Wednesday’s Child Foundation which recruits families for children in foster care; and Jennifer M. Phillips, adoption supervisor with Lutheran Social Services of Southern New England.

Hit the Highlights
  • The racial, age, and gender statistics for children currently available for adoption in the US foster care system.
  • How do children end up in governmental care?
  • Are infants or babies available to adopt from foster care?
  • Are pre-school aged children available for adoption from foster care?
  • How many of the children that are available for adoption through foster care are a part of a sibling group?
  • Can single women adopt from foster care?
  • Can people living in an apartment adopt from foster care?
  • Do you need to own your own house in order to adopt? Is home ownership required for adoption from foster care?
  • Can same sex couples, gays and lesbians adopt?
  • What type of training is required to adopt from foster care? How long does this training last?
  • Who performs the home study for adopting from foster care?
  • Can you use your foster care adoption home study for either domestic infant or international adoption?
  • How to prepare children already in the home for the adoption of a new child?
  • How long does it take to terminate parental rights?
  • How long does a state have to find a permanent home for a child?
  • Should you use a private adoption agency that is under contract with the state to place children from foster care, or should you use the public county agency?
  • How does foster to adopt differ from adopting a child that is legally free for adoption?
  • How can prospective adoptive parents make sure they have all the information available about a child they are considering adopting?
  • Can you adopt a child from foster care in another state?
  • Can you adopt across state lines?
  • Are adoptions from foster care open?
  • Do children adopted from foster care have continued contact with their birth family or birth grandparents or siblings?
  • Should you use photolistings to find children available to adopt?
  • What type of subsidies are available for families that adopt from foster care?
  • Will children adopted from foster care continue to have a Medicaid card?
  • What type of post adoption support should adoptive parents look for from an adoption agency?

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Image Credit: United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley