Adopting a Child from Ethiopia

The numbers of international adoptions from Ethiopia are expanding rapidly. What is the current status and what will happen in the future. Join our guests Melissa Fay Greene, Ethiopian adoptive mom and author of the book There is No Me Without You, a wonderful book about Ethiopian orphans and adoption; Sarah Mraz, Director of International Programs for Wide Horizons For Children; and Merrily Ripley is founder and director of Adoption Advocates International.

Hit the Highlights
  • Interview with Melissa Fay Green, author of There is No Me Without You
  • What age child has the easiest transition into adoption? What are the attachment issues with international adoption?
  • What is the primary reason children in Ethiopia are available for international adoption?
  • How old are children when adopted from Ethiopia? What is the youngest age available for international adoptions from Ethiopia?
  • Are babies available for Ethiopian adoption?
  • What are the current waiting times to adopt a baby from Ethiopia? What are the waiting times for adopting a toddler or preschooler from Ethiopia?
  • What is the marriage length requirement for adopting from Ethiopia? How long do you have to be married to adopt from Ethiopia?
  • Can you adopt independently from Ethiopia without using an adoption agency?
  • Can you adopt an HIV+ child from Ethiopia?
  • What is the life expectancy of a child adopted from Ethiopia with HIV?
  • What type of post adoption care is required for a HIV+ child?
  • Can you foster your child while the adoption is being processed in Ethiopia?
  • Can you stay in Ethiopia between trips when adopting?
  • Do adoption agencies discourage birth parent searches in Ethiopia.
  • Are you allowed to have contact with birth parents or biological family members with Ethiopian adoptions?
  • What are some of the ethical issues with adopting from Ethiopia?
  • Child harvesting in Ethiopian adoptions?
  • Is there a need for adoptive parents for children in Ethiopia?

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Image Credit: Dietmar Temps