Have a laugh at other people's families' awkward photos.
Have a laugh at other people’s families’ awkward photos.

I thought we could all use a bit of humor to warm us up this week, and there is simply no better place to find humor than the great website Awkward Family Photos.  I focused on the family portraits for this blog.  Here are some of my favorites with my comments.  Please share your own comments. If these pictures don’t inspire commenting, nothing will.


Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when friends and family opened this family’s holiday card with this family portrait?!?  And guys, while six-pack abs aren’t a requirement for shirtless shots, they don’t hurt either.  I guess the same could be said for women, but she looks pretty darn good.


The girl on the left seems to be the only one who gets that this picture is likely to come back to haunt them.


Again, it’s the kid who seems to get it. Just take a look at her face. Also, I just gotta ask: Is that a live or dead animal between his legs, and why in the world is it there????


Like it or not, after a certain age, there are just some things that should not be memorialized on film.  I should add that I count myself in that certain age now and avoid all pictures of me in a bathing suit, no matter how thin I’m feeling.


Oh man, been there, done that. I actually included this one because of what it says about the photographer. I can’t decide if it shows extreme optimism (maybe, just maybe, the kid’ll stop crying, and all the friends will get out of the way) or stupidity (this will make a good shot).


A picture is worth a thousand words. Is this a happy family, or what!


In fairness, it is hard to come up with new ideas for posing six people of varying sizes.  Clearly, some ideas are better than others.


Look closely.  Yep, that’s a kid on the ground. Only those amongst you without a picture in your family album of a kid pitching a fit during portrait time are allowed to throw the first stone.


Again, I have some sympathy with the difficulty of creative posing of six people, but surely once they saw this one, they realized their mistake.  Of course, maybe this reflects how these parents feel–mired, stuck, captured.


We offer you our fourth born child.


Image credit: djwudi