Dave Thomas Adoption-Friendly WorkplacesThe Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has announced that their annual Top 100 Adoption-Friendly Workplaces survey is now open.

Every year, the Foundation recognizes the nation’s employers who are offering the best adoption benefits to families who are growing their family by foster care adoption, private infant adoption and international adoption. This list of the “Top 100” is “based first on financial reimbursement then paid leave.” It’s important to note that the Foundation “also recognizes companies that offer paid time off only, along with industry breakouts and employers who offer time off to foster parents.” The Dave Thomas Foundation makes sure that all companies that apply for the list are publicly acknowledged for their efforts.

The link for the survey can be found at their website, along with this statement:

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is celebrating its 12th year of honoring companies that offer the country’s most impressive adoption benefits. Our Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace program honors employers of every size and industry that offer adoption benefits for employees. Our goal is to find a permanent, loving family for every child waiting in foster care. And just as every child deserves a home, we believe all parents deserve support and time to bond with their children. While this is a moment of celebration for these employers, it’s also a moment of awareness for our nation concerning children waiting to be adopted from foster care in the United States. Adoption-friendly policies are easy to implement and cost-effective, and create loyal and happy employees.

If you think YOUR workplace is supporting adoptive and/or foster-to-adopt families well, consider completing the survey and help raise awareness of the need for adoption-friendly workplaces.