top adoption news stories in 2016

I’m generally a forward looking person, but the week before the new year begins, I like to be more reflective. What were the highlights of 2016–what made it to the top? We struggled to select what we consider the “top” adoption related news stories, and were a bit surprised at what Creating a Family radio shows and blogs were most popular.

Top Adoption Stories for 2016

  • Korean adoptee Adam Crapser Deported. Adam Crasper was deported to his birth country of South Korea because his adoptive parents failed to have him naturalized as a US citizen when they adopted him 25+ years ago. This is wrong on so many different level and has prompted a huge push to pass the Adoptee Citizenship Act. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to ask your legislators to pass this important legislation to prevent this from happening to other adoptees.
  • Score for Doc McStuffins. Disney Jr.’s hit show is getting it right with their adoption story line for the pre-school crowd.
  • Major changes to international adoption. The Department of State proposed sweeping changes to the US international adoption regulations. Creating a Family, as well as many adoption agencies and adoptive parents, submitted comments on these proposed changes. Creating a Family spent much time and energy reviewing and commenting on the proposed changes to the adoptive parent education requirements. If you are interested you can read our comments, which were submitted to the Department of State.

Top Creating a Family Adoption Shows for 2016

Top Creating a Family Adoption Blogs for 2016

What would be in your top adoption news stories of 2016?